Meet the founders of (3,3)DAO
Feng Mi
(3, 3) DAO is a DAO based on web3 and oriented towards education. The purpose is to allow more people to interact and experience decentralized protocols. The mission is to help more people learn and develop their career space in the web3 space, and improve their earning ability to achieve financial freedom.
Mike8848 @Mikemoo75197959
(3,3)DAO is an analytical DAO for entertaining and educational. It helps more members to broaden their horizons, experience richer multi-chain dapp protocols, gain early advantages in more ecosystems in the future, and improve each members ability to make money and analyze. With the goal of wealth freedom of members, it is built in the form of a trinity of discussion, research and analysis.(3,3)DAOunique ecological environment.
(3, 3) DAO is a pure interactive community, and our aim is always to be everyone for me and everyone for everyone. Everyone can learn and communicate with each other, improve their abilities, and improve their cognition. In order to earn their own pot of gold in the currency circle.​